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Marie :icondrawful-s:Drawful-S 147 10


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United States
WHAT THE FUCK ARE- oh wait never mind. Welcome to my profile where I draw stuff cuz I'm bored. I usually like roleplaying and doing nothing all day. I'm part of a bunch of different cancerous fandoms. My favorite thing however is meeting new people, so I you wannah chat just send me a note. So yea, make yourself at home. Bro


Dew It
Mega mega...... mega man......

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Remember, this is my silly stupid oppinion

Megaman X1. Ah, so many memories, The game that started off the big trend,  Whats not to be said, Tight controls awesome soundtrack, The motivation of becoming stronger! Ah so awesome

Probably my 4th favorite

Megaman x2. This game was awesome, much trickier to find the pieces in this game but its worth it, if you liked the 1st game you'll definitely like this one.

3rd favorite

Megaman X3. The bosses in this game are lazy, all they do is charge at you, not to mention the weapons in this game suck. BUUuuuUuuuuUUUUUT, The armor parts in this game are awesome, Every one, Plus the Z saber and The GOLDEN CHIP MMMMPH!! So satisfying,

6th favorite

Megaman X4. The game play is extraordinary, Not to mention Playing as zero is fun as hell too. This game Has amazing weapons for each character, Plus the armor parts are hand as well, Plus It kicked off a new generation for X,

This game is my 2nd favorite

Megaman X5. This game is a little weird, you have to save other reploids throughout levels which is weird.l And the armor parts are different, there are 2 armors in this game, They can only be used though if collected all 4 each, unlike previous installments where you use the parts anyway. But This Game Is Awesome, Using the Armors special abilities, The bosses, The fast game play. AND LETS NOT FORGET THE KICK ASS MUSIC, And considering this was suppose to be the final installment, It had an amazing ending.

Definitely my number 1 favorite

Megaman X6. The worst in the PS2 franchise, This game has been hated on by many people, the crappy level design, the nightmare affects, The fact that this game wasn't meant to exist, A N D T H E E N G R I S H. But this game is Extremely difficult and that's what I like about it, Plus the armors are my favorite armors in the series, Plus THE MUSIC OH GOD THE MUSIC Just to name a few, Infinity Mijinion, Sigma 2nd phase, Gates laboratory stage 1, Blaze heatnix. But be warned about blaze heatnix, T H O S E F U C K I N G D O N U T S

7th favorite

Megaman X7. Ugh fine How about this, Terrible voice acting, Slow game play, the 3D FunctionAAAAAAGH!!! And to top it all off, You cant play as X until you do a bunch of specific shit.


Megaman X8, Sadly the last in the X franchise, but hey, Its got cool weapons for zero, Cool armors for x, Decent voice acting, And cool new mechanics, All I can say is that the level design is not that good, and the music is.... Meh...

My 5th favorite
  • Listening to: Canonball
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  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Megaman X4
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: something weird
Minecraft Niiiiiiiinteeeeeeeendooooo edition eh......Eh?...... 





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